Colissimo is the number one service in France for home delivery. The maximum estimated time to be delivered at home or at another location is 2 working days.

Parcel shipments by La Poste can be made either by the main service, called Colissimo, or by an express service called Chronopost.

The express delivery service of Chronopost has an associate status with La Poste, with an agreement to send express parcels and letters from La Poste's offices. They are mainly used by the business world, but are also accessible to individuals.

Colissimo and Chronopost offer a national and international service.

There are different types of offers within these two services, particularly with regard to the speed and level of security of the service. They also offer a package (packaging) for the goods, but at a price.

Chronopost prices start at around € 35 for delivery in France and about € 50 for delivery in Europe.

Colissimo is a less expensive route that delivers parcels weighing up to 30 kg and a length, width or height of 2 meters.

The Colissimo service commits to deliver within 48 hours in France. The indicative dates for international shipments using their International Parcel service are 4 to 9 days, depending on the destination.

Colissimo Package Tracking

Colissimo online monitoring with a simple click by entering your Colissimo number followed. For a detailed tracking of your parcel in Colissimo, enter its number above.

The main goal for Colissimo is to guarantee quality service, which is why more than 50,000 companies are customers at Colissimo. They entrust their shipments to Colissimo, it is a pledge of quality and success. Companies specializing in distance selling such as the 3 Swiss, the Redoubt, Yves Rocher or the Comtesse du Barry have chosen sending via Colissimo. For e-commerce, these are companies such as: Private Sales, Fnac, Amazon, Street Commerce or Cdiscount for e-commerce that count as Colissimo to carry out their delivery.

Delivery of packages to the recipient Thanks to Colissimo, it is also possible to follow your package in complete freedom. Each parcel is unique, it is composed of a unique number written on the proof of deposit which is under the bar code of your parcel.

The package is presented by the postman during his tour or a specialized factor for parcel tours. If the size permits and there is no obligation of signature, it will be deposited in mailbox. From now on the parcel will be represented the next day. In case of further failure the Colissimo or So Colissimo will be available at the counter to be delivered to the recipient upon presentation of an identity document.


Colissimo tracking number

The parcel number is at the location of the bar code on the deposit proof slip. This is the beginning of the number depending on the type of shipping ordered at the post office counter. It is always composed of 13 digits.


5W: Colissimo Eco France

5X: Registered mailing of a mailbox

5Y: Simple sending of a mailbox

6A: Colissimo Home - Without signature

6C: Colissimo Home - With signature

6G: Colissimo - D + 1

6H: Colissimo - Point Withdrawal - At La Poste

6M: Colissimo - Pick-up Point - Pickup Relay or Pickup Station Pickup

6Q: Colissimo Home - Without signature

6R: Colissimo - Point Withdrawal - At La Poste

6W: Colissimo - Pick-up Point - Pickup Relay or Pickup Station Pickup

7Q: Colissimo Home - With signature (Overseas)

7R: Colissimo Back International

8G: Professional single shipment

8K: Parcel coming in from the international

8L: Professional single shipment

8N: Special single shipment

8P: Against signature

8Q: Colissimo Home - Without signature (Overseas)

8R: Colissimo Back France

8U: Special registered mail

8V: Registered professional shipping

9L: Colissimo Home - Without signature

9V: Colissimo Home - With signature

9W: Colissimo Eco Overseas


About Colissimo

First of all, you should know that Colissimo is part of the La Poste group. Within this group, there are four trades that revolve around: sending mail, sending parcels or express mail, the services of the Bank Postale and the management of the banners. post offices.

More specifically, the work of the company Colissimo concerns the sending of parcels and express